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Welcome to our public mailing list archive. Here you can view our collection of e-mail newsletters that have previously been sent to our subscriber base. As a matter of convenience you can also subscribe to our Newsletter RSS Feed.

Message Subject Message From Date Sent
Last Chance for Early Registration for 2010 AzATSA Conference AzATSA Apr 17th 2010 9:39am
AzATSA Quarterly Meeting April 9, 2010 AzATSA Mar 28th 2010 8:00pm
2010 AzATSA Conference AzATSA Mar 28th 2010 7:54pm
AzATSA Quarterly Meeting January 8, 2010 AzATSA Dec 31st 2009 6:38pm
Membership Renewal for 2010 AzATSA Dec 11th 2009 8:19am
AzATSA Quarterly Meeting January 8, 2010 AzATSA Sep 30th 2009 9:45pm
AzATSA Quarterly Meeting July 10, 2009 AzATSA Jun 28th 2009 1:33pm
2010 AzATSA Conference Sneak Preview AzATSA May 21st 2009 4:51pm
2009 Conference Presentation Materials AzATSA May 21st 2009 4:49pm
2009 Conference Early Registration Deadline AzATSA Apr 3rd 2009 6:24pm
AzATSA Quarterly Meeting April 10, 2009 AzATSA Mar 29th 2009 2:44pm