Arizona Chapter of the
Association for the Treatment of
Sexual Abusers

AzATSA 2011 Conference

Treating and Assessing Sexual Offenders: Methods and Outcomes

The AzATSA May 6, 2011 conference will feature Franca Cortoni, Ph.D., C.Psych., and will be held at the Drury Inn & Suites Airport - Phoenix (formerly the Radisson Phoenix Airport).

Frank CortoniThe last decade has seen a renewal of discussions and debates on how best to treat sexual offenders. Risk-Need-Responsivity (Andrews & Bonta, 2006), Relapse Prevention (Pithers, 1990), Self-Regulation (Ward & Hudson, 2000), and Good Lives (Ward & Stewart, 2003) are all models being advocated for the treatment of sexual offenders, leaving clinicians with a bewildering array of approaches from which to choose. Further, in addition to these models, concepts such as positive psychology, strength-based treatment, and humanistic approaches are now increasingly mentioned in relation to the treatment of sexual offenders, adding to the confusion about what should be best practices in the treatment of sexual offenders. To help reduce this confusion, and because a return to basics (i.e., what is the empirical evidence?) is being advocated, a conceptual framework for the treatment of sexual offenders will be presented. This framework incorporates the latest theoretical thinking and empirical findings on sexual offenders and provides a rationale for a simplified, yet systematic, approach to their treatment.


  • Setting the Context
  • Some Fundamental Concepts
  • Review of RP; Self-Regulation; R-N-R; GLM
  • Review of Positive Psychology; Strength-Based Treatment; Humanistic Treatment
  • A Simplified Framework
  • Discussion & Conclusion

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