Arizona Chapter of the
Association for the Treatment of
Sexual Abusers

AzATSA 2010 Conference

Treating and Assessing Sexual Offenders: Methods and Outcomes

The AzATSA May 7, 2010 conference will feature Liam Marshal, M. A. and will be held at the Radisson Phoenix Airport Hotel.

Liam MarshallThis workshop will describe and evaluate the Rockwood Psychological Services approach to assessing and treating sexual offenders. Rockwood currently delivers programs for sexual offenders in a provincial facility for psychiatrically disordered offenders and two federal Canadian prisons. Rockwood has designed and delivered motivational preparatory, regular, categorical denier, maintenance sexual offender programs, specialized programs for intellectually disabled and developmentally delayed sexual offenders, and a community-based program for juvenile sexual offenders. The methods, including therapeutic process and phases of treatment, and theoretical orientation, including positive psychology, of the Rockwood programs will be reviewed. Most of these programs have been evaluated in terms of both the targets of treatment and recidivism, and these outcomes will be described. For the second part of the workshop Liam will present some of the latest research on dynamic risk factors associated with recidivism in sexual offenders, such as sexual preoccupation/addiction, shame and guilt, schema, and aging and sexual offending.

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